ClanRing Xtended Mod

About CRx

CRx has the following game modes:

Free For All Modes


Open play with a frag or time limit. Power ups drop when the carrier dies.
Players start with 125 health, that rots down to 100
GGx weapons are default and Ring of Shadows spawns every 2 minutes.
Many maps have additional item locations and new powerups which can be toggled on or off:

Rune Power ups (last for 30 seconds, 2 minute spawns)

Haste - Move and shoot faster

Regen - Regenerate health and armor up to 150/150

Resist - Take 35% damage

Other Power ups (single use, 2 minute spawns)

Detonator - self destruct and take out nearby enemies with you

Teleporter - teleport to a random spawn point

Medikit - gain 100 health


Same as FFA but players start out at 100/200 with all weapons and unlimited ammo.


An FFA mode similar to single-flag CTF. Players try to find the lavaball and return it to the goal.
The lavaball will spawn somewhere on the map and the goal will spawn once someone carries the ball for 20 seconds.
The ball carrier will get frags plus defense and attack boosts the longer ball is held, but take too long to reach the goal and the lavaball will explode.
Players have a grappling hook. The fraglimit is 50
Frag bonuses
15 = capturing the lavaball
 1 = every 4 seconds the lavaball is held

King of the Hill

An FFA mode where the objective is to occupy the "hill" for as long as possible. The hill is marked by a brightly lit gold orb. Every few minutes the hill may move to another spot on the map.
For each second players stay on the hill they will receieve 2 frags and regenerate 2 health and 1 armor. The fraglimit is 150

Team Modes

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Competitive teamplay with a time limit. Up to 4 teams. There is team damage and you will lose a frag for killing a teammate.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

Red / Blue teams try to capture each other's flag and return it to base. There is no team damage but there is self damage. Grappling hook and runes are on by default
Frag bonuses
15 = capture the flag
10 = team captures flag
 1 = killing enemy flag carrier
 1 = returning your flag
 1 = defending your flag
 1 = defending your flag carrier
Resistance - Take half damage
Strength - Attacks deal twice as much damage
Haste - Fire weapons twice as fast
Regeneration - Health and armor regenerates to 150/150

Clan Arena

Up to 4 teams. Each player spawns with full armor, weapons and ammo. There is only one life per player per round. Best of 9 rounds. There is no team damage and no self damage.

Clan Arena Wipeout

Up to 3 teams. In this version of Clan Arena, players are given a respawn timer when they die. The time increases each time that player dies and a team is eliminated from a round when the whole team is dead at once.

Freeze Tag

There is self damage, but no team damage
Fresh spawns start with 100/100, sg and sng
Weapon respawn is 5 seconds -everything else is the same as match mode

Getting killed results in being "frozen", you will fall to the ground but you can't move
Standing close to a frozen player on your team will slowly thaw them, it can be a combined effort
Once completely thawed (about 1.3 seconds) the player will respawn

Telefrags or touching lava/slime while frozen will thaw with delayed respawn
Freezing yourself loses 1 frag
Freezing an enemy awards 1 frag
Thawing a teammate awards 2 frags

Teams score a point by freezing everyone on the other team
When this happens, everyone on the frozen team will respawn, but players on the scoring team are not affected
Frozen players will stay frozen and players who are not frozen keep vitals, weapons, ammo and powerups

There is a sound and centerprint when a team scores, but play is continuous
First team to score 10 points wins the match
Match Time is 20 minutes
If the score is tied when the timer ends, the game is extended for sudden death

Duel Modes

Dmm4 Duel

1v1 practice match for 3 minutes. Health and power-ups don't respawn, but players start with 200 armor, 250 health and infinite ammo.

CTF Duel

Same as Duel but with the grappling hook and traditionally played on maps made out of sections of popular ctf maps.

Rocket Arena

1v1 matches where each player spawns with full armor, weapons and ammo.
Contestants are in a queue and the match winner keeps playing.
Game ends when a player wins a set number of rounds.

Airshot Arena

1v1 matches where players try to pop each other up and gib them in mid air. Players have infinite rockets and play for 2 minutes. Players can only take damage from direct shots in mid air. If the gib is high enough, the player will drop a pak, which may contain a power-up

Airshot is usually played on custom airshot maps, but a few id maps have been modified to accommodate it. The playing area is blocked by teleporters and if you get pushed into one, your opponent will get a frag.


Most of the game modes were based on or inspired by these Quake mods:
CRMod by JP Grossman and Paul Baker
Threewave Capture by Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch
Rocket Arena by David 'CRT' Wright
Clan Arena X by r00k and BAM
Rune Quake by David 'Slot Zero' Roberts
Kombat Teams by kemiKal_sWeMoB, Cenobite and Fang
Super Smash Quake by Garrett 'Kovaak' Krutilla

Design, play-testing and other contributions by: kilomiles, xstephx, DanTheMan, ceeKay, woods, r00k, ef3ss, Spike, [sh] Levon, inf1niti, bosh, Reki, JPiohlo and the players at the QE Discord
Thanks to everyone who helped test: uns, frenzy, jbone, B4CT3R14, Stedanko, m0ns, Mr. Fancypants, Hypher, undertow, Brainstencil, Lucky, Quickdraw, Coocoo, Plank, derelict, Captain Mutron and anyone I forgot
Special thanks to id software and to r00k and Spike for years of contributions to the Q1 community
Shout out to EduCatOR, Det, Plantet, spike, dumptruck, m3ssia, PapaSmurf, crackdog, chr1s, Rambo, baron, sucky and all my friends and players throughout the Quake community


Send questions, bugs or feature requests to or buckshot41 on discord

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