Most of the game modes were based on or inspired by these Quake mods:
CRMod by JP Grossman and Paul Baker
Threewave Capture by Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch
Rocket Arena by David 'CRT' Wright
Clan Arena X by r00k and BAM
Rune Quake by David 'Slot Zero' Roberts
Kombat Teams by kemiKal_sWeMoB, Cenobite and Fang
Super Smash Quake by Garrett 'Kovaak' Krutilla

Additional programming and design by kilomiles, r00k, woods, xstephx, DanTheMan, ceeKay, ef3ss, Spike, bosh, inf1niti, [sh] Levon, Reki, JPiohlo and the players at the QE Discord
Thanks to everyone who helped test: unspoken, frenzy, B4CT3R14, m0ns, Stedanko, Mr. Fancypants, jbone, Hypher, undertow, Brainstencil, Lucky, Quickdraw, Coocoo, Plank, derelict, Captain Mutron, Squid, Corpus Callosum

Special thanks to id software and to r00k and Spike for years of contributions to the Q1 community

Shout outs and respect to EduCatOR, magdoll, Lint, Det, Save the Plantet, ariz0naaa, Gina, BlueInGreen, evileggroll, Trippin, yeti, root, pew³, illWill, Bone, BrokenSymmetry, El Matero, dumptruck_ds, Maddes, m3ssia, cxt, PapaSmurf, slash, crackdog, powerzord, chr1s, Rambo, Wolff, civic, Muller, Hollywood, Slugnut, TV, Visine, Bruce, West, Mindz, baron, sucky and all my friends and players throughout the Quake community


Send questions, bugs or feature requests to or buckshot41 on discord

About Me

I'm a Programmer, DJ and Quake junkie who plays as bucksh0t

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