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Joining Matches

Generally, you can either set your colors and use the ready command or select from a menu.

In match modes, players need to change their pants color for the team they wish to join and use the ready command.
Console players can ready or unready by holding jump for 4 seconds.*
Once the match starts, other players can't join unless the match is unlocked.

In public modes for TDM and CTF, players can join the game and switch teams at any time.

In modes with two teams, valid team colors are red and blue

When there are four teams, additional valid team colors are yellow and green

In clan arena modes, players can change their pants color to join a team, but can only enter the match between rounds.

In 1v1 arena modes, new players are spawned into a match from a queue and the winner keeps playing.*

*Quake Remastered match browser only

PC Player Configuration

EZ Quake users may need to set cl_pext_alpha 0

Quake Remastered users need to set cl_filterstuffcmd 0 in order for the server to send certain commands.

Quake Remastered users should also set scr_usekfont 0 in order to view colored fonts and special characters.
The mod will try to set this, but without cl_filterstuffcmd set to 0, it won't work.

Aliases should load a few seconds after connecting, impulse 119 will resend them in case they don't.


To leave the game and become an observer, you can use the observer command.

The default observer mode is fly with no clipping.

Once you are observing, you can press attack to begin chasing a player.

Once you are chasing a player, press attack to switch to the next player or press jump to stop chasing.

GG Mod

gg mod (ggx) is a weapon balancing modification by kilomile. This is the default in most modes.

Axe: 80 dmg (ggx)

SSG: Fires more bullets and with a wider spread. Reload time is slower.

NG/SNG: Fires faster nails

LG: Nerfed in most physics modes since the ticrate is higher. It will always deal damage at the same rate as NQ CTF

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